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We are a full-service bike shop with a large inventory of new bikes in all sizes, accessories and clothes, a busy bike fit clinic, and an extensive repair and maintenance shop.  But we try to be more than that. The most important thing to us is that you get on a bike and ride to your heart’s content. We want to make sure you get on the best bike for you, be sure it fits you perfectly, and help you get out and ride in our community.

Thursday nights we’re open late. Come over for food, drinks, and conversation!  We have a comfortable space, a cozy fire, and a charming staff. Most of all, we have really cool customers. Come in and meet them: recreational cyclists, roadies, commuters,  mountain bikers, cyclocross racers, fixed-gear fans and everyone in between.



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what type of bike is right for you?

It can’t be repeated often enough:  The most important characteristic of your bike is that you love riding it!  And the most important thing about loving your bike is how well suits your riding needs and how comfortably it fits your body.