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Proteus Pro-Fit Studio Now Open

Bike Fit reservations are now opening for December 2022 through Feb 2023, including new Sunday afternoon slots.

Introducing Proteus Brews!

Espresso drinks, small batch coffees and teas, pastries, ice cream. 

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Help Us Build a Safe Bike Trail from Greenbelt to NASA and the WB&A Trail

A safe bike and walking trail alongside MD Route 193 between Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt and the Glenn Dale Splash Park would connect the Anacostia River Trail System with the WB&A Trail network, providing safe routes toward Baltimore and Annapolis

6-Month and 12-Month Financing Options from Synchrony Financial


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Laurie on the Mid-Atlantic Gravel, Travel & Dirt Podcast

Wahoo KICKR Smart Bike

Come in today to try out Wahoo!