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Bike Fit

 Bike Fit Scheduling Calendar
Note that the online reservation system charges a "reservation fee" of about 5 percent, which is not refundable. 
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Questions about the schedule? Email Jeff @ ProteusBicycles dot Com or use this helpful link:  Jeff's Email

Benefits of a Professional Bike Fit

All new bike purchases at Proteus and Patuxent Adventure Center include complementary bike sizing, ensuring you the proper saddle height, ideal leg and knee extension positioning, and a comfortable handlebar reach, 

To go to the next level of power and comfort, some cyclists may have bike fit needs beyond sizing.

If you are having discomfort on the bike, are working through an injury, or looking for more power and higher performance, then you may choose to invest in a professional bike fit. A professional bike fitting focuses on proper alignment of five touch points: hands, feet, and seat (and forearms if you’re using aero bars). During a professional fitting we start with an interview to go over your long and short term goals, problems on the bike, and medical/surgical history that may impact your cycling. We evaluate your position on the bike and make adjustments based on measurements of body angles and your feedback. 

During Your Fit

What to expect: We'll start by reviewing your history and goals. I'll do a brief physical exam to look at factors that affect how you fit on your bike (sits bone width, foot structure, flexibility, and strength). From there we'll get you on the bike for evaluation, measurements, and any changes that need to be made with your equipment.

What to wear: form fitting clothes. Bike shorts/bibs and a bike jersey are ideal. If you don't have that, yoga pants/shorts and a form fitting shirt will work. Please wear socks that go above the ankle. Bring whatever shoes you normally bike in (flats or clip in). We'll be putting sticky dots on your arms and legs, so don't put any lotions or oils on exposed skin.

Food/Drink: Bring a water bottle and a snack. The coffee shop is open till 3pm (fresh pastries, oatmeal, coffee, tea, softdrinks) and we have filtered water.

Bike prep: Take off anything mounted to the handlebar, seatpost, or saddle rails. Remove frame bags.