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Proteus Velo Club

Proteus Velo Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping members achieve higher goals in competitive or non-competitive cycling. The club sponsors a regular  schedule of road and off-road group rides for cyclists at all levels and backgrounds.  The goals are to train and push ourselves to new levels, but also to do so in a welcoming, positive, and casual environment consistent with the laid-back Proteus Velo Club culture. All riders, no matter their skill or experience level -- recreational riders, racers, or social riders -- are welcome in the club. The club hosts social rides for casual cyclists to promote community and enhance physical and mental health. Current club membership stands at about 40 members.

PVC Calendar

WAIVER -- All Must Sign!

Proteus Velo Club Google Group

For members interested in racing, PVC is a member of the USA Cycling and MABRA organizations. The club focuses on gravel and cyclocross events, but participates in a few MTB, road, and triathlon events, as well. Proteus Bicycles serves as the club's primary sponsor.

For 2021, dues are suspended. However, if you have ordered jerseys and bibs -- make checks out to "Proteus Velo Club" and drop off at the shop, or use PayPal and send dues to "" Make sure you click on "send money to a friend/family" when paying dues or else Paypal will take a fee.

Jersey and Bibs are in!

New jersey and bib orders can be made this fall, just let us know. Jerseys were $65 the first order; we'll see what pricing we get for add-on orders. You can check sizing of Specialized Rbx jerseys and bibs at the shop.