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Kayak Rental Customers:  Please remember to bring water, a hat, sunscreen, and water shoes or water sandals for your paddle adventure! We will supply your personal floatation device and paddle.

Kayak and Paddle Board Rental Locations in Southern Maryland

Solomons Island - Solomons Inn Marina
155 Holiday Dr, Solomons, MD 20688 

Open Tuesday - Sunday: 10 AM to 4 PM


Leonardtown Wharf
State Hwy 326 at the waterfront, Leonardtown, MD 20650

McIntosh Run (next to Port of Leonardtown Winery)
23190 Newtowne Neck Road, Leonardtown, MD 20650

Open Wednesday - Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Questions on Kayak and SUP Rentals? Call us at at 410 394 2770 or 

Leonardtown Wharf

Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals

McIntosh Run (next to Point of Leonardtown Winery)

Kayak Rentals

Single, Tandem, and Fishing Kayak Sales 

New Hard Kayak and SUP Inventory List (updated Oct 12, 2023)
Customers Please Note: Inventory and Prices are Checked Weekly on this List -- Please be sure to call us at 410 394 2770, particularly if you're coming from out of state!  * = Summer Kayak Sale, Includes Demo Boats.

BonafideEX123Endless Summer Aqua
Fishing Kayak$959
Top Gun Grey
Fishing Kayak$959
BonafideRS117Endless Summer AquaFishing Kayak$919
BonafideRS117 Demo
Top Gun GreyFishing Kayak$919
RS117 Demo
Fishing Kayak
RS117 Demo
Fishing Kayak
SS127 Demo
Fishing Kayak
Native Watercraft
Falcon 11
Fishing Kayak
Native WatercraftSlayer Propel 10
Hidden OakFishing Kayak$2,299
Native WatercraftSlayer Propel 10Gator GreenFishing Kayak$2,299
Native WatercraftSlayer Propel 10Grey GooseFishing Kayak$2,299
Native WatercraftTitan Propel 13.5Grey GooseFishing Kayak$3,149
Native WatercraftUltimate FX 12Gator GreenFishing Kayak$1,199
Native WatercraftUltimate FX 15 TandemGrey GooseFishing Kayak$1,699
EddyLine KayaksEquinoxYellowKayak$2,150
EddyLine KayaksSandpiper 130Red Pearl/ SilverKayak$1,949
EddyLine KayaksSandpiper 130Seagrass/SilverKayak$1,949
EddyLine Kayaks
Sandpiper Demo
Red Pearl/Silver
EddyLine Kayaks
Sitka Xt Demo
EddyLine KayaksSitka LtSapphire BlueKayak$2,599
EddyLine Kayaks
Sitka Lt
EddyLine KayaksSky 10LimeKayak$1,399
EddyLine KayaksSky 10YellowKayak$1,399
EddyLine KayaksSkylark
Hurricane AquasportOsprey 120AquaKayak$1,199*
Hurricane AquasportOsprey 120GreenKayak$1,199*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 116 SportAquaKayak$999*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 116 SportBlueKayak$999*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 116 SportGreenKayak$999*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 116 SportMangoKayak$999*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 126BlueKayak$1,039*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 126 SportBlueKayak$1,039*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 126 SportGreenKayak$1,039*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 126 SportMangoKayak$1,039*
Hurricane AquasportSantee 140 TandemBlueKayak$1,519*
Hurricane AquasportSkimmer 106MangoKayak$999*
Hurricane AquasportSkimmer 116AquaKayak$1,039*
Hurricane AquasportSkimmer 128GreenKayak$1,119*
Hurricane AquasportSkimmer 128MangoKayak$1,119*
Hurricane AquasportSojourn 135 (w/rudder)BlueKayak$1,239*
Pau Hana Surf Supply10'10" MINI SPORTWhite TealPaddle Board$1,299
Pau Hana Surf Supply10'6" Malibu ClassicWood
Paddle Board$967
Pau Hana Surf Supply12'0 Endurance VFT
Paddle Board$1,299
Pau Hana Surf SupplyBig EZ 11' 0'' VFT
Paddle Board$1,079
Pau Hana Surf SupplyBig Ez Hawaiian Wood
Paddle Board$1,299
Pau Hana Surf SupplyMalibu Classic Aqua 10'6AquaPaddle Board$967
Pau Hana Surf SupplyMalibu Classic White 10'6WhitePaddle Board$967
Pau Hana Surf SupplyMalibu Tour White 11'6WhitePaddle Board$1,012
Pau Hana Surf SupplyNavio Hybrid Keel Hull
Paddle Board$1,165
Pau Hana Surf Supply11'0 Navio VFT
Paddle Board$1,099

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Kayaks and SUPs are In Stock!

We have a great selection of single & tandem kayaks, fishing kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and a huge variety of inflatables. We offer product from Native, Eddyline, Hurricane, Bonafide, Aquaglide, Stohlquist, Pau Hana and Seals. Get a lightweight paddle, your PFD, and hit the water!

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Note, not all colors may be in stock.  For paddlesports sales questions, please call us at 410 394 2770 or email 

Main Store: Patuxent Adventure Center
13372 HG Trueman Road, Solomons, MD 20688

Open Tuesday - Friday 10-6; Saturday and Sunday 10-5

Paddlesports Warehouse: McIntosh Run (next to Port of Leonardtown Winery)
23190 Newtowne Neck Road, Leonardtown, MD 20650

Open Summer: Wednesday - Sunday 10am to 6pm 410-394-2770

Solomons Island Locations Map

Leonardtown Locations Map