• Today Through Thursday April: Bianchi Infinito CV and Intenso Demo

  • proteus bicycles. transportation with benefits.

    It’s not just about bikes. We are a full-service bike shop (new bike sales, accessories and clothes, repairs).  But we try to be more than that. The most important thing to us is that you get on a bike and ride to your heart’s content. We want to make sure you get on the best bike for you, and be sure it fits you perfectly.

    Thursday nights we’re open late. Come over for food, drinks, and conversation!  We have a comfortable space, a cozy fire, and a charming staff. Most of all, we have really cool customers. Come in and meet them: recreational cyclists, roadies, commuters,  mountain bikers, cyclocross racers, fixed-gear fans and everyone in between.

    Tour de Proteus from Greenbelt Bike Videos on Vimeo.

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    6 Responses to Home

    1. Ryan says:

      Interested in buying the kestrel talon soon. I wanted to know if i can order it there and second what are some benefits if I were to purchase the bike from you?

      • admin says:

        Hi, this is admin. Proteus isn’t a dealer for kestrel bikes; not sure if they could be ordered. Just call the guys at the shop if you want to check. Main advice for tri bikes especially for newbies is to test ride on longer training rides first — make sure it’s comfortable enough to train on long distances, especially if that’s your only road bike. Lots of Proteus riders will be at the Terrapin sprint tri this weekend (on our road bikes, mostly).

      • admin says:

        Hey Ryan, I googled kestrel, and they’re owned by Fuji, so you might want to check with a Fuji dealer. Maybe Maryland Park cycles in Lanham (or is it Capital Heights?) or Silver cycles in Silver Spring would be a place to check maybe. -Jeff

        PS. Laurie’s running a Bianchi road bike demo this week and next if you want to go Italian!

    2. Joe says:

      Hi, a month ago I came in and asked for a few old junk bike cassettes to re-purpose into part of a costume. You had a few and let me have them. I wanted to say thanks and they worked great! I’d love to email you the set of pictures. I posted 2 of them on the Proteus Facebook, but I wanted you guys to have the picture set. Thanks again, and if you ever have more junk cassettes I can probably build you a wall clock for the shop.

    3. Eric says:

      Tax money is coming in so I’m in the bike market. Interested in a 2013 Kona Jake (like the triple) in size 53 or the Bianchi Lupo (also size 53). LOVE the Volpe but its out of my price range. Any chance either of those are in stock for a test ride/purchase this weekend?

      • admin says:

        Hi Eric, it looks like there are both 53 Jakes and Volpes in stock (all 2014s I think). No Lupos in stock, but can probably be ordered quickly. I’d also consider riding the Jamis Quest comp? It’s in stock in 54cm. Call Paul or Ben at the shop to make sure they’re built up and ready to test? -Jeff

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