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Feature -- Specialized Innovation Visit

Innovate the Ride -- Our Visit to the Specialized Mothership

Laurie and I visited Specialized HQ in Morgan Hill, California last week. We did some test rides, visited the prototype center and the Win Tunnel (get it?), and just generally had a great time learning about the new bikes. Here are some highlights.

First of all, Specialized is all in on electric pedal assist bikes for 2020. They have an electric bike charging station right by the front door! We rode their new electric road and gravel bikes (under 30 pounds with 100+ mile range, seriously!), as well as their e-assist city and commuter bikes. The e-road bikes are still great road bikes -- great ride feel just like a regular road bike, except.... you can keep pace on hills, no problem.

Second, they're bringing out the front handlebar shock absorbing system in their high-end Roubaix and Diverge models on flat bar commuter/fitness bikes too, particularly the new Sirrus X.

Finally, Specialized is bring out a new line of high-vis performance apparel -- much appreciated!  Here are some pics from our visit.

Laurie killing the pace on an e-assist city bike -- keeping up with the roadies!

That's my e-assist Creo road bike on the front -- pretty great looking long-range e-bike.

Laurie especially wanted me to note the S-Works shoes to go along with the e-commuter bike!

My favorite thing of all, the electric bike charging station:

I particularly liked the high-vis road gear:

And, of course, the Win Tunnel.  Ingmar (white shirt) the German wind tunnel engineer (because of course) happily cranked it up to tropical storm force for us (safety glasses on)!