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Bike Repair & Maintenance


At Proteus Bicycles we have a full-service department ready to take on anything from small adjustments to complete rebuilds. Our qualified mechanics service most major makes and models of bicycles. To get service on your bicycle please call or stop by during regular business hours.

*Due to an industry-wide shortage of service parts, our services may be limited by availability.

**We service electrical components on e-bicycles purchased through Proteus Bicycles only. We do not work on bicycles that have damage to the frame or other critical components and reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

Service Packages

Standard Tune Up - $99.99

A comprehensive service package for all major adjustments. Recommended annually. Our technicians will:

  • Tension and true wheels
  • Adjust shifting
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust bearing systems
  • Wipedown bike frame and braking surfaces
  • Test ride bike to ensure proper road performance
    *Does not include cost of parts or installation

    **Price does not necessarily apply to e-bikes or cargo bikes

Performance Tune Up - $179.99

A complete drivetrain cleaning in our microbial parts cleaner plus all adjustments included in a standard tune up.

Our technicians will:

  • Remove and deep clean essential drive train components in our microbial parts washer
  • Reinstall drive train, lubricate chain and derailleur pivots
  • Tension and true wheels
  • Adjust shifting
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust bearing systems
  •  Wipedown bike frame and braking surfaces
  • Test ride bike to ensure proper road performance
    *Does not include cost of parts
    **Labor for installation of replacement drivetrain parts is included with Performance tune-up

    ***Price does not necessarily apply for e-bikes or cargo bikes

Complete Overhaul- $329.99 and up

A complete overhaul of all major components of the bike. Because all bikes are different, a service appointment is required to get a complete, accurate estimate. This service is only offered during non-peak seasons.

Our technicians will:

  • Disassemble the bike down to the frame
  • Overhaul or Replace headset and bottom bracket bearings
  • Re-cable shifters and brakes
  • Perform drivetrain cleaning
  • Reassemble bike
  • Perform all adjustments included in a Standard Tune Up

*Does not include cost of parts

**Does not include suspension service
***Price does not necessarily apply for e-bikes or cargo bikes

*We do not assemble electric bicycles

*This is not a complete list of all services we offer. For more information please call 301-441-2928.

Specialty Services

Additional specialty services such as diagnostic services, Di2 configuration, wheel building, frame prep, and suspension service are generally priced on a case by case basis rated at $95 an hour. For information on specialty service pricing and availability, please contact our service department at 301-441-2928 or email

Your Bike Repair Experts

We want to make sure your bike is in the best possible repair and you're enjoying the ride.  Proteus mechanics have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose, recommend, and perform everything from the most basic adjustments and maintenance, to full overhauls, custom wheel builds, and accessory installations.  

Meet The Staff