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Proteus Brews Serves Open Seas Coffees

Have you ever wondered what fundamentally determines whether a cup of coffee will be extraordinary or forgettable? At Open Seas Coffee we think that relationships with coffee farmers and roasting expertise are what help to distinguish the difference. Now-a-days there are an infinite number of coffee options to choose from, but not all coffees are created equal.


Our personal perspective is that there are some qualities that are necessary to ensure that a “perfect cup of coffee” is even feasible.  Most importantly, all coffee beans that are sourced from around the world should provide an equitable wage for the farmer. Fair wages enable farmers to be able to provide basic needs for their families such as shelter, water, food, and education. Our first-hand experience of living abroad has opened our eyes to the oftentimes-unjust wage that is offered to farmers for their arduous labor. Friends of ours, who are coffee farmers in southern Laos, have lamented that every year, regardless of their crop improvement or quality, they can barely earn what is necessary for survival as a result of inequitable payment for their harvest. Open Seas Coffee strives to decrease this wage gap and create opportunities for farmers to improve their product while receiving appropriate compensation.


With sustainability as a fundamental priority, Open Seas not only sources sustainable coffees, but conjointly commits to giving back to its coffee sourcing locations through the 10-4 Farmers initiative. For every 12oz bag of Open Seas Coffee purchased, 10% of the profits are invested back into sustainable coffee farming projects and communities. Thus far, Open Seas has donated an estimated 1 million liters of potable water placed into schools and villages. This is an average of 210 liters of clean drinking water per 12oz bag of coffee purchased.  (For more info on the 10-4 Farmers Initiative please click here

While we consider improving compensation for farmers as imperative, we furthermore strive to benefit everyone along the supply chain from the farmer all the way to our consumers enjoying each cup. We pay considerable attention to the intricacies that are required for growing, exporting, roasting, and brewing quality coffee. Our objective is to showcase the fullest potential of each coffee, and emphasize the attention that has gone into every individual bean before it winds up in your cup. We recognize that it is impossible for someone to make bad coffee taste good, but it is entirely possible to ruin quality coffee. This is why we pay attention to the details and work vigorously to accentuate all the right notes by roasting our coffee to its fullest potential. This not only allows our customers to enjoy every cup they drink, but it furthermore honors the farmers we partner with who have painstakingly developed high quality beans. We hope you will find our quality coffee enjoyable and ultimately taste the difference!