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Women & Bicycles is the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s outreach and encouragement program geared to address the gender gap in bicycling, one meetup, social ride, or workshop at a time. We provide a space to learn about and experience the joys of bicycling through opportunities for helpful exchanges between women who already bicycle and women who are interested in bicycling

We’re in the planning stages for Women & Bicycles events for 2015. In the meantime, check out the Women & Bicycles Facebook page (you need to request to join) or the WABA Women & Bicycles page (see below).  If you have any ideas send them my way! The best way to reach me is email Laurie@proteusbicycles.com

If you’d like to get on the listserve for the group, please email me (Laurie) at laurie@proteusbicycles.com

For more information about the Women & Bicycles program, check it out on WABA’s website Women & Bicycles and the W & B  facebook page