Laurie is the co-owner and manager of the shop (with Ben), since the summer of 2012.  She holds a doctor of nursing practice degree from Johns Hopkins University and is a women’s health nurse practitioner.  She is a certified bike fitter from BikeFit in Seattle, and  schedules pro fits with laser alignment and foot/pedal interface specialty.  She rides a Kona Major Jake and a Jamis Renegade Exploit for commuting/transport/gravel and a Bianchi Infinito CV for road/training rides. She teaches learn-to-bike and bike safety courses, and is proud to be a “Roll Model” for the WABA Women & Bicycles program.


Ben has worked at Proteus for about 10 years and has an encyclopedic knowledge of bikes and parts. He rides a lightweight steel road bike, a tall bike, a retro-direct drive bike, a unicycle, a cargo bike, and an assortment of Wizard of Oz bikes. Ben is active in mountain biking and trail maintenance. He has been known to ride long-distances on his unicycle or Penny Farthing. Ben completed his Bike-Fit certification in August 2013 and a welding course in Spring ’14.


Service Manager – Master Mechanic
Laura started working at Proteus in the spring of 2017. A former racer, she leads our Sunday mountain bike ride in season. Laura has worked at Race Pace, 20/20 and other bike shops in the DC/Baltimore area.


Sales Manager – Mechanic
Paul started working at Proteus in the summer of 2012. He is a bikepacking and mountain bike enthusiast and mostly rides a Kona Sutra LTD and a Process 111. In December 2013, Paul studied bike repair and overhaul at Barnett’s Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, CO.

Buddy McLaughlin

Senior Mechanic
Buddy joined Proteus in October 2016. He has worked as a bicycle mechanic for eight years working at bike shops and nonprofit programs for community and youth. He holds certifications from SBCU and S.Tec in all the latest bike wizardry and has been known to read old Campagnolo technical bulletins for recreation. His favorite places to ride are the Blue Ridge mountains, the back-roads of suburban DC and anywhere after a rain, provided sufficient fender coverage. A champion of feline maintenance as well as bicycle maintenance, Buddy is here to help make bikes ride awesome and look good!


Mechanic when he’s not in school
John (aka “Johnny) is Proteus’ part-time mechanic; he has worked at Proteus since Spring 2010 and completed training at the United Bicycle Institute (UBI) as a Certified Bicycle Technician in January 2013. He is an expert in the bikes and parts we stock or can order. He is an avid mountain biker and also enjoys all types of cycling.


Weekend sales – Mechanic
Colin is a Cat 1 CX racer who works sales and repairs at Proteus on Saturdays (or occasionally Sundays). He has managed bike shops in the DC area.


Constantia and Sean

Sean and Constantia having been helping out around the shop since 2006 –scooping out Snickers’ box is a one of their most important contributions! Sean introduced Constantia to cycling when they first started dating, and he’s created a monster. Since 2006, they have raised over $43,700 in cycling fundraisers to fight MS and cancer. They have become avid tandem riders with the good fortune to be close enough in size to be able to switch off on the captain and stoker positions.

Todd (aka “Willie”)

Todd has been with Proteus since 2005 when a sore knee from riding led him to seek out a proper bike fit. He’s been with the shop since as a volunteer. He helps wherever needed, and his favorite shop activities are educating people about bikes and biking, and fixing little kids bikes. When not at the shop, Todd two-wheel’s to work weekdays at NIH in Montgomery County – rain, shine, or snow. He also races road and cyclo-cross when not undertaking training for a bike adventure. His sojourns have taken him to the far corners of the US, and parts of Europe, and he’s always looking down the road for that next great ride.


Jill is the founder of the modern Proteus shop. Proteus started as a framebuilding and custom bike making shop in the early 1970s. In fact, there’s a whole Proteus framebuilding manual, long out of print but still circulating on the Internet. Jill bought the shop in 2003 and made it a welcoming home and hangout for cyclists from all over the area. She developed the Proteus Thursday night potluck tradition and has the best hug on the East Coast. We wish her and Yo all the best in their new adventures!


Jeff is Laurie’s husband and occasionally volunteers around the shop. He frequently leads the Saturday or Sunday group rides, and often makes (usually awesome) cookies or (almost always excellent) bread. Jeff commutes about 160 miles a week to DC on his Jamis Renegade Expert and rides a Jamis Super Nova CX bike on weekends. Ask him about great commuting routes from the Greenbelt, College Park, or Hyattsville areas to DC.


(shop cat emeritus)

Sprocket joined the staff as full-time shop kitty in the fall of 2014. He is retired now since the shop’s move to Rhode Island Ave., and lives at his new home in Riverdale. He did a great job chasing out critters at the old shop!


(shop dog emeritus)

Carmen only occasionally visits the shop these days, she’s mostly retired. She’s friendly, but because she’s so small she’s very cautious, so don’t be surprised if she walks away when you offer to pet her.