The early bird gets the best discount!
Our regular priced tune-ups* are discounted for winter. 
As the weather gets warmer, the discounts go down. Hurry on over and check your bike in!
Standard Tune $72
Performance Tune $128
Standard Tune  – $81
Performance Tune $144

Bring your bike in for a free estimate.

  • *Standard tune: $90
    • Frame, wheel, and component wipedown
    • Hub adjustment
    • Wheel true
    • Brake adjustment
    • Derailleur adjustment
    • Chain clean and lubrication
    • Cable housing lubrication
    • Headset and bottom bracket adjustment
  • Performance tune: $160
    • All of the above plus a drivetrain cleaning (chain, chaingrings, cassette cogs)
  • Complete Overhaul: $200 + parts
    • Bike taken down to the frame, cleaned, and rebuilt with new cables and housing, new bearings and fresh grease.
  • Brake adjustment: $15 per brake
  • Shifting adjustment: $15 per derailleur
  • Wheel truing: usually $25-$40 (depends on the condition of the wheel)
  • This list is not all-inclusive; for information on other prices and available work call us at 301-441-2928

*** NOTE:  We have some loaner bikes for repair customers. Ask about availability.  We take a $200 deposit on loaner bikes, refundable when bike is returned in good shape. ***

4 Responses

  1. Ann English

    I bought a Bianchi Valle a couple of years ago from Proteus and I need a clip for the fender support (the rear fender clip on one side came off so the fender is unsupported). Can you get me the clip?

    • admin

      Hi Ann, are you in Maryland/DC area, or would you need us to ship you a part? -Jeff

  2. Amir Boney

    How Much Will it Cost To Fix A Flat Tire?

    • admin

      Flat fix is $10 labor for quick release (more for bolt on, chain guard, pegs, training wheels etc. since it takes longer). If you need a new inner tube, it’s $7 for most types of tubes. -admin