Professional Bike Fitting

All Proteus bikes are individually fit to their riders — a basic fitting that usually takes a half hour or less. If you ride with clipless pedals, race, commute long distances, tour, or ride longer training or charity rides, a more intensive pro-fitting might help you be more comfortable and powerful on the bike. Likewise, an in-depth pro-fit may help you recover from or prevent injuries.

Laurie uses the BikeFit system developed by Paul Swift (former US track champ) and used by fit gurus all over the world.

A complete pro-fit with alignment, hand position, saddle, and foot/pedal interface adjustments usually takes about 2 hours and costs $200.  For bikes purchased from Proteus, pro-fits are discounted to $100 within 3 months of the purchase.  Call the shop for more details and to make an appointment.