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Welcome to Proteus Bicycles 

The most important characteristic of your new bike is that you love riding it! And the most important thing about loving your bike is how well it suits your riding needs and how comfortably it fits your body.

We're fanatical about test rides and proper fitting. Ideally, we recommend you plan at least 1-2 hours to shop for a new bike, sometimes quite a bit longer. It's a good thing.

Directions, Hours, Contact Info

Test Rides

After you’ve spent a few minutes discussing the riding you’d like to do, we’ll show you some bikes that might fit the bill. We don’t necessarily start with expensive bikes. In fact, our goal is to get more people riding, so it makes sense, especially with newer riders, to start with the basics.

We’ll start with a quick standover test to see if the bike looks like the right size and if the saddle height and your leg extension look reasonable. These eyeball fit inspections are no substitute for getting the bike on the trainer, but they’ll suffice for testing. Then we take the bike back to the shop area and set it up. We’ll double check the brakes and gears and get it ready for your test ride.

We’ll give you a quick briefing on how to use the gears, grab you a helmet, and off you’ll go! The parking lot and neighborhood streets behind the shop are excellent for testing bikes. There are flat sections and hills. 

Courtesy Tune

All new Proteus bikes come with a free courtesy tune up, just to make sure the bike is dialed in perfectly for you. The mechanics will give your the details when you check out.

Bike Fitting

There are several levels of fit services. When you buy a bike, we will often put your bike in the trainer for minor adjustments and checks, to make sure your leg and saddle positions are correct, and that your hands and back are comfortable. Saddles are personal -- sometimes test ride bikes don't have the perfect saddle for you, so you may want to swap out for a saddle that fits just right. 

Pro bike fits generally take about 2 hours and cost about $200. Laurie works on pedal-cleat interface, alignment and angles, and comfort and power positions.