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Note -- We Suspended Private Lessons Due to the Pandemic, and have not yet determined a restart date.

Learn To Ride Course

Our Method 

As a League Certified instructor, we believe our method is a time and experience tested one. We use the no-pedals, 1-pedal, 2-pedals approach. It has been successful to produce new riders from age 5 to 70. We don't yell (although our instructors get very excited when the student finally starts pedaling and might let out a little "woo-hoo")


Riders must wear a helmet! If you need to borrow one, please let us know. 

Make sure you eat before your lesson (do not skip breakfast!). Please bring a water bottle and a snack. Coordinating the brain and the muscles is hard work!


One or two lessons are usually enough if the student is willing to learn. 

Most of the time students get it in one session. A 90 minute session is as much as most students can sustain before they're too tired to focus any longer, but most 'get it' within that time period. 

Allow 2 hours for the first lesson to include introduction and post lesson discussion.


Scheduling a lesson depends on where the lessons occur. We live in Northern Prince Georges County and prefer to teach out here because we know the "safe" parking lots to use.

 If that won't work for you and the instructor needs to travel, we need to factor in that time.

 If our instructor needs to travel more than 10 miles from our location to teach, the rate goes up $10 per hour.

Insurance and Waivers

Our League Certified Instructors are covered by insurance through the League of American Bicyclists. A waiver is required and can be signed electronically prior to the lesson.

Rates and Payments

The standard rate for LCI's is $50 per hour of instruction. 

If our instructor needs to travel more than 10 miles from our location to teach, the rate goes up $10 per hour.

If you want instruction for siblings at the same time, please inquire about a family rate.

 Preferred payment is cash at the time of the lesson.

Providing a Bike

IIt is much easier to teach the student on the bike he/she will be riding. If you do not have a bike already we can provide a bike to learn on for a rental fee of $15 or you can borrow a bike from a friend. 

Please ensure that the bike is NOT a bike with coaster brakes (a bike with brakes that work by pedaling backwards). The required bike will have pedals that can spin backward. The bike should fit the rider when he/she is sitting on the seat with feet flat on the ground but without much bend in the knee

One on One Cycling Skills

Do you know how to ride but lack confidence? We'll assess your skill level and tailor drills to help you become a more confident cyclist. Scheduling is flexible.

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