Pedal-Assist E-Bicycles

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Pedal-assist e-bicycles are here to stay and they are a blast to ride. They’re great for folks who otherwise couldn’t ride due to physical disability, for carrying heavy loads, for getting you to work without  so much sweat, or just because they’re fun to ride. There has been some controversy about e-bikes on trails, but honestly, they just don’t go any faster than a fast unassisted rider. We think they’re great as they enable nearly everyone to get out on two wheels to enjoy the fresh air, the scenery, and the thrill of seeing things from a bicycle saddle. If you want to read more, Bicycling Magazine has a good article about e-bikes from May 2018.

Electric Motor Systems

We recommend the e-bikes that come purpose built as pedal assist bikes. They’re a bit more expensive at the start, but the parts are built into the frame so they’re essentially more efficient and balanced. Our mechanics are certified to work on Bosch and Shimano systems, which are the most used and well known brands. While we prefer the e-bikes that are built to purpose, we can install some aftermarket e-bike conversion kits. Call the service department for information.

E-Bikes at Proteus

We currently have a Bianchi Manhattan (47cm) in stock and an XtraCycle Cargo bike that we use as a shop vehicle. We expect to have more in the future as the 2019 model bikes come available. Both bikes are available to test ride.

Bianchi Manhattan

The Bianchi Manhattan is modeled after their C-Sport hybriid bike, so it has a comfortable, upright fit. The aluminum frame and carbon fork make for a sporty, fun ride. We’ve ridden this bike up Erie Street behind the shop (affectionately known as “mount Erie) and it was literally no sweat. The bike uses the Shimano Steps system, which has 3 settings and a 70 mile battery range. Note that with any battery system, the higher settings have the shortest range. Bianchi USA has all the info and specs on their website.

Bianchi Manhattan, 47 cm, $2999

ExtraCycle Edgerunner Cargo Bike

We got the ExtraCycle Edgerunner Cargo Bike this past winter so that we could haul gear to events – things like our shop tent, tools, and a bike stand. Yes – we can carry all of those things on the cargo bike, all at once. It’s also great for carrying kids, groceries, or even another bike or two. While it is not for sale, we are happy to let customers test ride the bike. It’s equipped with the Bosche system, which has 4 settings and a range of 20-60 miles. I like to run it on the lowest (eco) setting, but give myself a bump to the tour (second level) setting when I’m coming off of a stop, especially in traffic. See my video at the top of the page for a virtual ride. This bike made Mount Erie seem like nothing!

Don’t hesitate to call the shop or stop by with any questions. We’re always happy to work with you on almost any bicycle project!
And be sure to look for the Proteus ExtraCycle shop vehicle at the shop or our next event!