Trolley Trail Detour through Riverdale

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Riverdale Station Tolley Trail Detour

Trolley trail detour by bike 2017-11-2

New Connections

The Trolley Trail detour through Riverdale Park Station is finally open! This part of the trail connects the College Park section of the Trolley Trail from Albion street to Riverdale Park at the MARC Station. Now you can ride your bike or walk from College Park to and through the shops in Riverdale Park Station and on to Hyattsvile without going on Route 1. There is active construction throughout the new development, so follow the detour signs. Since there aren’t too many detour signs yet (we understand more are on the way) we made a video to show you the way.

Almost There…

Great, right? Now I can ride all the way to Franklin’s for lunch, but I still can’t get to Shortcake Bakery for dessert without riding on Route 1. We’re missing a vital 1/4 mile trail connection from the end of the Trolley Trail at Farragut Street (Franklin’s) to Charles Armentrout Road (Shortcake Bakery, NW Branch Trail). Want to see this happen? You can read more about efforts and get involved in the Prince Georges County Action Committee of the Washington Area Bicyclists Association campaign to finish the Trolley Trail.