Proteus Rides:

Rides are not supported. Riders participate at their own risk. Bring tools for changing flat tires, a Metro Farecard or cellphone  (in case you have an unfixable mechanical problem or otherwise need to be bailed out on the road) food and water and gear for changes in weather. Please take personal responsibility for your own safety and obey all traffic laws and trail rules. HELMETS REQUIRED!! All rides meet at Proteus unless otherwise noted. Children must be able to ride independently on 2 wheels or on a parents bike (e.g. Ibert, trailer).

Weekly Rides:

The rides below (usually) occur on a weekly basis. However, sometimes we cancel for bad weather or we take a destination ride instead. Any specialty rides will show up on our Google calender, Facebook and newsletter. Always check the calendar to be sure if a ride is going and the time.

NOTE — We ride all winter long, but not all rides will go each week, and the times may be modified.  Always check the Google calendar and the Facebook page for ride details the day before.  -Jeff

Friday Morning Commuter Convoy

  • Time: TBD for fall/winter season.  Check or comment on the Proteus Facebook page on Thursdays or come to potluck to arrange timing/meetups.
  • Location: New Deal Cafe
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Details: Learn the best cycling route into DC! Led by long time commuter Jeff Lemieux these rides are led at a moderate pace and show another great option for getting to work in the morning. We often get breakfast at Friday Morning coffee club near the White House. For those not staying in the city Laurie swings back to College Park or Greenbelt to complete the circuit.
  • Ride Leaders: Jeff and Laurie Lemieux

Saturday Morning Pastry Rides

  • Time: 8am or 10am (depending on the week and time of year)
  • Location: Proteus Bicycles
  • Level: Beginner! All are welcome
  • Details: This is our BEST ride for beginners, new bike owners, and people looking to find other cyclists to ride with.  We leave from the shop for a short, no-drop ride over to local Shortcake Bakery. Enjoy a tastey treat and then return in good spirits to enjoy the rest of your Saturday.
  • Ride Leaders: Usually Jeff and/or Laurie, sometimes Constantia and Sean and other volunteers

Saturday Farm Fast(er) Ride

  • Time: 8am or 10 am (check the calendar and the facebook page for details)
  • Location: Proteus Bicycles
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Details: Challenge yourself to ride through the Beltsville Agricultural Center with the faster members of the Proteus Family. Rides will vary in length but will generally be 20-30 fast-ish miles (15-18mph). Sometimes we have a slower group (12-13mph) that goes on this ride, but check in advance to be sure.
  • Ride Leaders: Usually, Jeff and/or Laurie, sometime others.

Sunday Morning Coffee Ride

  • Time: 9am – noon
  • Location: Proteus Bicycles
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Details: In an never ending battle to find delectable drinks and shop local we will have a ride leaving the shop every Sunday to a local coffee shop in the D.C. area. This will be a no-drop, small group ride that includes a lengthy brunch stop. Come prepared to drink great coffee and spend a while in the saddle.
  • Ride Leader: Josh

Friday Evening Mountain Bike Ride

  • Time: 6pm – 730pm
  • Location: Proteus Bicycles
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Details: Ride leaves from the shop but goes to the Fairland trail system. Riders are able to go at their own pace and find their own challenges. The rides are no-drop and everyone returns to Proteus together. Alternatively you can arrange to meet up behind the Ice Rink.
  • Ride Leaders: Eddie, Johnny and Ben

Maryland and DC Organized Rides

Mark Your Calendars! Many events and rides are already planned for Fall 2015. Below you find a list of supported rides throughout the DMV area.

9/26/15 Tour de Cure, DC Charity Ride Washington, DC
10/3/15 Seagull Century Ride Salisbury, MD
10/10/15 Crop Hop Charity Ride TBA – PG County, MD