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Fall/Winter Hours*

Open Close
Sunday 12 PM 6 PM
Open Mondays starting  February 13, 2017 11PM  7PM
Tuesday 11 AM 7 PM
Wednesday 11 AM 7 PM
Thursday 11 AM 9 PM**
Friday 11 AM 7 PM
Saturday 10 AM 6 PM

*Fall/Winter Hours start September 6, 2016: Weekdays we will open at 11 am. Closed Mondays. 

**Thursday we stay open late for a Potluck

Bike directions to the shop:

Map from Greenbelt to Proteus
From Greenbelt

From Greenbelt/Greenbelt Metro:

-Cross 201 at Crescent Road; go straight across at the light and take the little trail up the to street  by the Old Line Bank
Left on Ivy Lane and left on Cherrywood Lane to cross over  the Beltway
Go through the Greenbelt metro station, inside and through the tunnel to
See More…

Map from College Park to Proteus
From College Park

From College Park:

Proteus is easy to access from  either the College Park Trolley trail or the Paint Branch trail.
-From the Trolley trail, cross Greenbelt Road and University Blvd (bike lane, not a pleasant intersection) and continue on Rhode Island Ave (bike lane).  Then cross to the outer road on the left (west) side up to Erie Street. See More…

Hyattsville/Bladensburg to Proteus
From Hyattsville/Bladensburg to Proteus

From Hyattsville, Bladensburg:

-Take the NE Branch Trail  to Lake Artemesia.
-Take the Paint Branch under the train tracks, around to the right for a little ways along the track, then left  alongside the playground.  Turn right on the College Park Trolley trail (it merges with the Paint Branch  trail for a little bit).  Then you have a choice of taking…See More…

DC to Proteus
From Washington, DC to Proteus

From downtown DC:

-I take the Met Branch Trail to Monroe Street Bridge (bike lane)
-Left at 12th (sharrows) and right at Newton (bike route)
-Left at 20th, and right at Varnum (bike routes)
-Cross Eastern Ave and the road becomes Arundel Road (bike route, bumpy road — beware unmarked speedbumps)…See More…

Driving directions to the Proteus Bicycles:

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  • justin ross

    hi, love you guys!

  • Have old LARGE Proteus Black frame with the following. Top Tube approximately = 24″. Seat tube 26″ .
    Dura Ace Seat Post
    Front fork is shot.
    Shimano Ultegra Triple crank
    Sachs (SRAM) Freewheel 7 speed.
    Delore LX rear
    Campagunolo front
    Shimano drop bar end shifter levers
    Cinelli 66-42 Drop bars
    Campagunolo break hand and C.Brevent rim levers
    Matrix 750 rims on black hubs. Gaterskin 23s
    What value do you think it has?
    Is it worth putting a front fork on it?
    If so, how much to get front fork? Recommendation?

    • admin

      Hi Craig. I forwarded your note to Ben at the shop. He’s the best at restorations/vintage stuff. -admin

      PS. 38″ standover? wow

  • Bert


    Saw that you guys come highly recommended. Wanted to develop a relationship with a local bike shop than a large chain.

    With that being said, I unfortunately scuffed up one of my Ultegra levers (left side). I need to get some replacement parts installed and wondered how much labor would be.

    The parts that need to be installed are listed below:

    Side question. How much would you guys charge to install brake pads

    • admin

      Bert — Did you get through to the mechanics OK? Just following up. Call 301 441 2928, and ask for Ben, John, the other John, or Paul.

  • Hello!
    Happy Summer! I’m having trouble finding an e-mail to reach you at. We would love your expertise on an upcoming bike round-up here at The Active Times. Please let me know if you would be interested and I can send more details.

    Catarina Cowden
    Editor at The Active Times

    • admin

      Hi Catarina — you can email:

      Laurie at proteusbicycles dot com


      Ben at [same]

  • gabe

    Hi Proteus!
    Recently I came upon an advertisement for a 2009 Felt F5 Team Garmin edition frame (http://www.geartrade.com/item/382848/felt-f-series-team-edition-argyle-frameset) Obviously the advertisement looks too good to be true, and the seller has yet to respond to me. However, this got me interested in finding a team edition frame. I looked online and saw that your shop is a licensed Felt Dealer, and I was wondering if you would be able to point me in the right direction (if there is one) of finding a frame like this, or where to find other team edition frames. I’m not sure if they are sold like regular production frames, but after seeing a few advertisements, it piqued my interest. Thanks so much for your help!

  • Duncan Davidson

    What are your opening hours this week (Thanksgiving)? (Are you open Friday/Saturday/Sunday?) – Thanks, Duncan

    • admin

      Hi Duncan — we are open regular hours Friday 11-7 Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-6 Thanksgiving weekend. We’re closed Thanksgiving Day.